Friday, March 2, 2012

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Oh my blog... Where have you been? The History Channel?

OMBlog?...The Clark Russell blog has taken a break due to a busy schedule,but is now back to tell you where they have been. From photoshoots for the salon and commercial projects to filming for the History Channel.
Model Nadia Alexandria in the fun Clark Russell photoshoot for be Clarked. Hair and make-up by Clark Russell, Photographs by Gina Blair. Photoshoot located Take One Presents Studio, perfect for those looking to rent studio space to shoot at! Where the blog are you going to be...The History Channel??? Yes you read correctly, Clark and Jeffrey aka Bobbi Pinn will debut on The History Channel show "Top Gear USA". We can't tell you the details, you will have to tune in to watch!
Watch The History Channel Tuesday March 27 at 9:00 PM