Friday, November 18, 2011

It's Your Time to Shine with this "Making it Over" Moment

Winter can be so harsh on hair,skin and budget. Clark Russell and guest Framesi Color Expert/Educator, and Clark Russell Salon Stylist Michele Blum talk about Conditioning treatments for the hair and scalp, Nasty box color vs professional color and make-up tips not to do.
Framesi Treatment line is fortifies with mediteranian elements of sunflowers, oranges, bluberies and other yummy and fortifying ingrediants.
be Clarked luxury hair care product "quench" is fortified with coconut oils , as well as vanilla beans to exfoliate the scalp and hydrating botanicals to soothe dry hair and scalp. BOX Color Vs Professional Color Don't believe what you see on the box coloring commericals and ads... check it out. Some Holiday Make-up Don't Tips... and a few do's

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Making Over, Making it Up and Keeping it Real with Vicki Liviakis, Constatine Maroulis and Margareta Cox

Saturday Night Clark Russell along with our new stylist Michelle Blum went to the Fairmont Hotel to style KRON 4 Anchor Vicki Liviakis who was the Mistress of Ceremonies, as well as singer Margareta Cox and Rocker and Tony Award winning former American Idol Contestant Constatine Maroulis. The event was for the Hellenic Chairity ball for the Elios Society. Check out the evening...

Friday, November 11, 2011

J-lo and Oprah.....Keeping it Real Moment!

As the New Glamour and Oprah magazines come in the salon, Clark Russell and Jeffrey Lotspiech are "Keeping it Real" with this funny outlook on the Magazines Cover Girls!

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Holiday Trends... Making it Over and Making it Up

Clark and Regular Co-Host Jeffrey talk about some Fall to Winter Trends and Holiday Looks!

A Warm Holiday Moment with Momma... Keeping it Real

Veteran's Day... What it Means to us

With Veteran's Day coming up tomorrow, we just wanted to express what it means for us as a Veteran and family of a Veteran. Check out the video for Clark and Jeffery and be sure to check out Jeffrey's show as Miss Bobbi Pinn this evening and donate to the Troops! CHECK OUT JEFFREY AKA MISS BOBBI PINN TONIGHT! WPJL's @ 9:00PM 2112 n. Main St Walnut Creek, Ca $5.00 w/ID 21+ THE LADIES WILL BE COLLECTING ITEMS FOR BLUW STAR MOMS EXCLUSIVELY FOR THE TROOPS OVER SEAS!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Heavy D and Dr Murray Verdict

Clark and Jeffery check in on this weeks current events surrounding the untimely death of HEAVY D and the Verdict of Dr Conrad Murray!

The Brenden Flaherty Fundraiser at Clark Russell Salon

PURCHASE YOUR DOOR ENTRY TICKETS ONLINE AT Donate to Brenden via Paypal at You can also mail in a check to Brenden at: Brenden Flaherty Account: 3031777976 (write in memo field) At Chase Bank 4201 Alhambra Ave Martinez, Ca. 94553 Purchase Raffle Tickets at Clark Russell Salon for great prizes! VISIT THE SALON WEBSITE FOR MORE INFO ABOUT THE BRENDEN FLAHERTY FUNDRAISER!

Friday, November 4, 2011

Making it Over Moment: Ombre it is... for recession proof hair

Clark Russell and regular guest Stylist Jeffery Lotspeich talk about Ombre, the new coloring technique that has hit Hollywood by storm. Now coined the recession proof coloring technique, fashion forward moms and ladies on budgets are getting their Ombre on.
An example of a great Ombre look. The tones are even and the highlights and lowlights blend nicely with the Ombre root color. Gives a nice natural sunkissed look. The idea is to get a convincing and natural look.
An example of a not so good Ombre look. We love Drew, but this look has to go. This ombre look does not give a natural sun kissed look, but rather a I didn't have the money or time to get the highlights done. Looks like Drew could use some balayage done to break some of that mess up. Ombre Highlights are on special at Clark Russell the salon!

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Keeping it Real Moment: Kim vs Gay Marriage

Clark Russell and guest stylist Jeffrey Lotspeich talk about Kim Kardashian Vs. Gay Marriage. A hilarious and eye opening view of the struggles of Gay Marriage and being a Kardashian. See who Clark and Jeffery think should be crowned the Grand Marshall of the Pride Parade! Love Jeffrey? You will love him more as Bobbi Pin!!/MissBobbiPinn Plus check out his gagablog at

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Making it Over Moment: Clark Russell Talking Male Highlights...While Getting Highlights with Lori Jenkins

Yes...even men get highlights. Watch this funny of the fly video of Clark Russell and Lori Jenkins as they talk about Men getting highlights and other stuff. Learn more about our stylist Lori Jenkins and a few Other Stylists at Want an appointment with Lori? Call the salon at 925.299.8814 PLEASE REMEMBER TO FOLLOW US.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Keeping it Real! Clark talks Kim Kardashian, and the return of In Living Color

With the shocking news of Kim Kardashian's divorce, and the exciting news of "In Living Color" returning to Fox Tv , Clark Russell is Keeping it Real! ALL JOKES WERE FOR ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES ONLY...Untill the Next Blog...