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Top Ten Grad Mistakes

Top Ten Most Common Mistakes a New Grad Can Make

This is an excellent list provided by Stuart Schultz, co-author of the new book’s Guide to Life After College. I can safely say that all of these are very common mistakes that can add up quickly and derail any plans for a smooth college to work transition. Use this list as a reference after graduation, and refer to it every so often for a little reminder of how to stay on track. It will save you time, money, and regrets!

1.Not traveling after college. Once you enter the “real world,” there are few opportunities when you’ll have a few months to do whatever you want. That’s because once work starts, while you may get one or two weeks off throughout the year, they most likely won’t be back-to-back. Thus, if you have wanderlust, the summer after you graduate (those two-to-three great months of uninterrupted freedom) is the time to scratch that itch. Of course, if you have debt to repay or other financial obligations to fulfill, then we understand why travel might not be in the cards today (although perhaps you’ll have an opportunity down the line, maybe between jobs, when you can pack your bags and yell, “Hasta Lavista America”), but if you’re just worried about not having enough cash, don’t forget that there are tons of volunteer opportunities (which you can find on,,, etc.) and scholarships (e.g., work-study, Fullbright) that can send you abroad for free.Note: Read our article “Where to Go After College…Travel, Work or Volunteer?” for more inside information on traveling abroad after graduation.

2.Not considering moving home. There’s no way around it. Rent is expensive. Nonetheless, a ton of grads jump right into renting a place after college. Unfortunately, this can turn out to be a financial burden that they can’t handle, or just as bad, it could force them into careers they never wanted to pursue, just because they needed to afford rent. While the following suggestion isn’t perfect for everyone, consider moving home, even if just for six months (assuming your parents are cool with it and you won’t rip out your hair as a result). This can give you some breathing room to figure out what you want your real next step to be. And if you don’t move home, at least consider a roommate (that you can get along with an be on the same page as). It will make your life a lot easier. Note: Read “Moving Back Home” for real-life advice direct from my own experience of moving in with my parents after college (and after a failed attempt to live in a big city I couldn’t afford!)

3.Ignoring health insurance. Walking around without health insurance is like playing Russian Roulette. There’s just no reason every recent grad shouldn’t by insured. And you don’t even need a job to get insurance. If you’re unemployed, for affordable options, look to state sponsored programs such as Healthy New York in New York City (or the equivalent in your state), the Freelancers Union or even Short-term Health Insurance providers. This will keep you out of a situation in which you’re hit by a bus and end up wracking up $500,000 in medical expenses that you need to spend the next twenty years paying off because you didn’t opt for the $100/month state-subsidized plan (if you think we’re trying to scare you into getting health insurance, well, you’re right!)

4.When looking for a job, only looking for a job. Imagine this… you’ve been looking for a job for the past six months and you finally snag an interview. Your interviewer asks, “So, what have you been up to for the past six months?” And all you can respond with is, “Looking for a job… and going to the movies every Monday and Thursday with my mom.” Not so hot. Instead, while looking for a job, also expand your network, pick up some new skills, intern, or just do something. That way when your interviewer asks what you’ve been up to you can tell a compelling story, which will put you ahead of 99% of the other job seekers out there who were only looking for a job.

5.Not preparing to actually succeed in your job. It’s so easy to get caught up in trying to find a job, that you’re not prepared to actually thrive once you’re in. Case in point: showing up to a hard fought for job in a pink Hawaiian t-shirt on day one only to find out that everyone else is wearing suits. From office dress, to IM etiquette, knowing when to push back, recognizing that you can’t get drunk at the holiday party, mentorship and more, make sure you’re prepared.

6.Missing the due date on a bill. Not only does it piss off whoever you were meant to pay (who needs enemies, or worse, angry debt collectors with baseball bats?), but it can also damage your credit. And if you damage your credit today, not only will it prevent you from taking out credit cards and cell phone plans in your own name now, but it very well may prevent you from getting a mortgage or car loan down the line.

7.Thinking you can always start saving tomorrow. It’s ironic and unfortunate that the time at which beginning to save can have the greatest impact on your financial future is also the most difficult time to start doing so: right now. The reason is something you’ve gone over probably more times than you would have liked to thus far in life: the time value of money and compounding. Try this on for size. If you invest $1,000 per year, at the start of every year, for the next 30 years, and earn 8% (the average historical long-term return of the stock market), you’ll end up with $122,000 (even though you’ve only invested $30,000). That’s pretty rad. Now what about if you wait just three years to start investing? You’ll end up with almost $30,000 less. So start today so you can end up in that cozy shuffleboard community in Boca… or avoid it at all costs.

8.Buying or leasing a new car. Really? Do you really need to? Why? So you can drive around in a car, attract members of the opposite sex (or same; whatever floats your boat), and then take them home to your… cardboard box… because after your car payments you couldn’t actually afford a place to live? On a more serious note, consider whether you really need a car after college. Maybe your local public transportation system works for you. If you really do need a car, go for a used one. It will be much more affordable. And even if you have the cash for a new one, odds are that within the next three to five years, you’ll be making another major life change (e.g., switching jobs, moving to a new city) and who wants to be stuck dealing with a car of which the value the second you drove it off the lot dropped by 20%? At least if it’s used, you can send it off a cliff into the ocean. Or maybe that’s just something only we’ve always dreamed of doing.

9.Ordering in every night. $20 for chinese food, every night, Monday through Sunday… That adds up quickly. Now we’re not suggesting you should never order in. But consider donning a chef’s apron and whipping up some easy meals a few times a week (or better yet, make something you can produce in a large quantity and freeze to eat over several dinners). If you plan ahead and cook, it can save you a lot of moolah, and folks, let’s be honest, is there any better way to “bed” the apple of your eye then cooking an awesome meal?

10.Forgetting about all of the awesome aspects of life after college. It’s so easy to focus all of your efforts on getting your finances in check, landing a job, renting a place, and everything else, that you let all of the fun part of life after college pass you by: cooking, dating, festivals, painting the town red, etc.. Even worse, going from the top of the pecking order (i.e., everyday having your choice of table in the cafeteria because you were a cool senior) to the bottom of the totem pole (i.e., corporate slave) can put people in a real rut. If this happens to you, just take a step back and realize that it’s just part of life after college… and a short part at that. Soon enough, you’ll have someone working underneath you, you’ll have a thriving independent adult life, etc. And just as importantly, recognize that life after college is a time for you to finally pursue exactly what you want to do, on every level, and that there’s an infinite amount of choice. Have fun with it! (If we come across as Tony Robins in this last point we apologize, but we thought it was necessary.)

Check back on our next blog for more tips for all you grads!

Memorable Graduation Speaches

(from abc news) As graduation day approaches, dozens of actors, entrepreneurs, CEOs, comedians and political figures will provide words of inspiration to colleges across the country in a time-honored tradition in higher education: The Commencement Speech.

At their worst, commencement speeches serve as the forgettable prelude to the distribution of diplomas. "A graduation ceremony is an event where the commencement speaker tells thousands of students dressed in identical caps and gowns that 'individuality' is the key to success," comedian Richard Orben once joked.

Still, commencement speeches can offer students hope for the future and help put their four years of hard work into a broader context. Countless graduation speakers have used the platform to deliver words that continue to resonate and inspire. Here are 10 memorable moments in commencement speech history.

1. Steve Jobs, Stanford University: Apple CEO Steve Jobs told three stories during his 2005 commencement address at Stanford University -- about finding a career path, love and loss, and death. After mentioning his 2004 cancer diagnosis, Jobs reminded the graduates that their time on Earth is limited, and they should make the most of it.

Steve Jobs addresses the graduates at Stanford University's 114th Commencement on June 12, 2005

"Remembering that I'll be dead soon is the most important tool I've ever encountered to help me make the big choices in life. Because almost everything -- all external expectations, all pride, all fear of embarrassment or failure -- these things just fall away in the face of death, leaving only what is truly important. Remembering that you are going to die is the best way I know to avoid the trap of thinking you have something to lose. You are already naked. There is no reason not to follow your heart."

2. Jon Stewart, William & Mary: "I am honored to be here and to receive this honorary doctorate," Jon Stewart said to the 2004 class of William & Mary, his alma mater. "When I think back to the people that have been in this position before me, from Benjamin Franklin to Queen Noor of Jordan, I can't help but wonder what has happened to this place. Seriously, it saddens me. As a person, I am honored to get it; as an alumnus, I have to say I believe we can do better."

Jokes aside, Stewart told the students to understand that there are many ways to live a successful life. Stewart said the graduates should not burden themselves with worries about the right path to success. Instead, he said the students should "love what you do. Get good at it ... and let the chips fall where they may."

3. Will Ferrell, Harvard University: Some commencement speakers are inspirational. Others use the platform to express a political point of view or lobby for social change. Comedian Will Ferrell's 2003 Class Day address at Harvard did neither. In the speech, the former Saturday Night Live comedian impersonated George W. Bush and finished off his speech by singing the 1970s soft rock ballad "Dust in the Wind." Even though he didn't graduate from Harvard, Ferrell said he still had some college experience.

"I'm not one of you. O.K.? I can't relate to who you are and what you've been through. I graduated from the University of Life. All right? I received a degree from the School of Hard Knocks. And our colors were black and blue, baby. I had office hours with the Dean of Bloody Noses. All right? I borrowed my class notes from Professor Knuckle Sandwich and his Teaching Assistant, Ms. Fat Lip Thon Nyun. That's the kind of school I went to for real, O.K.?"

4. Alan Alda, Connecticut College: Actor Alan Alda's 1980 address at Connecticut College was actually an intimate letter to his daughter Eve, a member of the school's graduating class. In his letter the "Mash" actor told his daughter, and the rest of the graduates, that it was O.K. to be nervous about the future.

"If you feel a little off balance, it's understandable. Adulthood has come upon you suddenly and you're not all that sure you're ready for it. I think that sometimes I'm not ready for adulthood either, yours or mine.

"The day before yesterday you were a baby I was afraid to hold because you seemed so fragile. Yesterday, all I could feel was helplessness when you broke your small, 9-year-old arm. Only this morning you were a teenager. As I get older, the only thing that speeds up is time. But as much as it's true that time is a thief, time also leaves something in exchange. With time comes experience, and however uncertain you may be about the rest of the world, at least about your own work you will be sure."
5. David Foster Wallace, Kenyon College: The novelist and essayist's address to the graduates was inspirational at the time he delivered it, in 2005, but it took on an added poignancy after Wallace committed suicide three years later. "The capital-T Truth is about life before death. It is about making it to 30, or maybe 50, without wanting to shoot yourself in the head," Wallace told the Kenyon College (Ohio) graduating class.

Wallace asked the graduates to look beyond themselves and challenge their own certainties and ways of thinking. Wallace's speech centered around what he said is the common cliché of liberal arts education: That it "teaches you how to think." He added that the real value of a college education was not knowledge but awareness.

"The point here is that I think this is one part of what teaching me how to think is really supposed to mean. To be just a little less arrogant. To have just a little critical awareness about myself and my certainties. Because a huge percentage of the stuff that I tend to be automatically certain of is, it turns out, totally wrong and deluded. I have learned this the hard way, as I predict you graduates will, too."

6. John F. Kennedy, American University: Heeding the threat of a total nuclear war, President John F. Kennedy's June 10, 1963, commencement address at American University lobbied for people around the world to understand the importance of world peace and the dangers of nuclear weapons. In a speech that became famous, Kennedy announced that the U.S. was reopening negotiations with the Soviet Union to end testing of nuclear weapons. Two months later, representatives from the U.S., Soviet Union and Great Britain signed the Limited Nuclear Test Ban Treaty, agreeing to ban testing of nuclear weapons in the atmosphere, in space and underwater.

"So let us not be blind to our differences, but let us also direct attention to our common interests and the means by which those differences can be resolved. And if we cannot end now our differences, at least we can help make the world safe for diversity. For in the final analysis, our most basic common link is that we all inhabit this small planet. We all breathe the same air. We all cherish our children's futures. And we are all mortal."

7. Toni Morrison, Wellesley College: Nobel Prize author Toni Morrison talked to the 2004 class of Wellesley College, in Massachusetts, about the beauty of adulthood, about happiness and about generational conformity. She stressed to the graduates of the women's college that they had the power to break away from the failures and expectations of her generation and create their own paths.

"You are your own stories and therefore free to imagine and experience what it means to be human without wealth. What it feels like to be human without domination over others, without reckless arrogance, without fear of others unlike you, without rotating, rehearsing and reinventing the hatreds you learned in the sandbox. And although you don't have complete control over the narrative -- no author does, I can tell you -- you could nevertheless create it."

8. George C. Marshall, Harvard University: Former U.S. Secretary of State George C. Marshall outlined the program for economic recovery in post-World War II Europe during his famous June 5,1947, commencement address at Harvard University. The speech signaled America's commitment to rebuilding war-torn Europe and has since become known as the Marshall Plan Speach.

"And yet the whole world of the future hangs on a proper judgment. It hangs, I think, to a large extent on the realization of the American people, of just what are the various dominant factors. What are the reactions of the people? What are the justifications of those reactions? What are the sufferings? What is needed? What can best be done? What must be done?"

9. Kermit the Frog, Long Island University: Wearing a cap and gown, Kermit the Frog received an honorary doctorate and gave the 1996 commencement speech at Long Island University's Southampton College. The green frog asked the graduating class to protect his amphibious friends and preserve the beauty of the environment.

"And so I say to you, the 1996 graduates of Southampton Graduate Campus, you are no longer tadpoles. The time has come for you to drop your tails and leave this swamp. But I am sure that wherever I go as I travel around the world, I will find each and every one of you working your tails off to save other swamps and give those of us who live there a chance to survive. We love you for it."

10. Theodor Geisel, Lake Forest College: In 1977, Theodor Geisel, better known as Dr. Seuss, received an honorary degree as a Doctor of Humane Letters from Lake Forest College in Chicago. After receiving the degree, Seuss surprised the commencement crowd with an original poem, "My Uncle Terwilliger on the Art of Eating Popovers."

"My uncle ordered popovers from the restaurant's bill of fare. And, when they were served, he regarded them with a penetrating stare...

"Then he spoke great Words of Wisdom as he sat there on that chair: "To eat these things," said my uncle, "you must exercise great care. You may swallow down what's solid... But ... you must spit out the air!"

"And as you partake of the world's bill of fare, that's darned good advice to follow. Do a lot of spitting out the hot air. And be careful what you swallow."

Did you know.... who graduated

You might be surprised at how many of our fave stars are actually bookworms.

I've rounded up 15 celebrities who have graced the halls of America's most prestigious schools — some who went back to school after Tinseltown success, and some prior to their big break.

Most School Spirit
Student: Tyra Banks
University: Harvard
Focus: Business, Owner/President Management Program

As a school requirement, Tyra must live in an on-campus dormitory. She does not have a roommate.

Best Smile
Alumna: Amanda Peet

University: Columbia '94

Focus: History

While studying history, Amanda auditioned before the legendary actress and acting teacher Uta Hagen, and after taking Hagen's class, Amanda turned to acting for good.

Best Hair
Alumna: Elizabeth Banks

University: UPenn ’96

Associations: Delta Delta Delta sorority

Elizabeth graduated magna cum laude and earned an MFA from the American Conservatory Theater in 1998.

Biggest Party Animal
Alumnus: David Duchovny

University: Princeton ’82

Focus: English literature

David has a MA from Yale and attempted a PhD but never finished his doctoral thesis, titled Magic and Technology in Contemporary Poetry and Prose.

Biggest Sweetheart
Student: Emma Watson

University: Brown

Focus: Liberal Arts

Emma is taking a semester or two off to promote the last Harry Potter movie and to work on her career.

Most Likely to Become a CEO
Alumnus: Edward Norton

University: Yale '91

Focus: History

Ed acted in school productions with fellow successful celebs Ron Livingston and Paul Giamatti.

Most Artistic
Alumna: Julia Stiles

University: Columbia '05

Focus: English literature

Columbia awarded Julia the John Jay Award in 2010, given to five alumni for personal achievements.

Class Clown
Student: James Franco

University: Yale

Focus: English

Following the Oscars and negative reviews of his performance as host, James decided to take his school newspaper's words most to heart.

Most Outgoing
Alumna: Ashley Judd

University: Harvard '10

Focus: Master's Degree in Public Administration

Ashley earned her bachelor's degree in French from the University of Kentucky in 2007. Surprisingly, Ellen DeGeneres issued Ashley her diploma on her show.

Most Likely to Lead a Revolution
Alumna: Maggie Gyllenhaal

University: Columbia '99

Focus: Literature and Eastern religions

Maggie's brother, Jake, also attended Columbia but eventually dropped out.

Best Dancer
Alumna: Natalie Portman
University: Harvard '03
Focus: Psychology

Natalie opted out of attending the Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace premiere to study for her high school final exams. She once told the New York Post: "I'd rather be smart than a movie star."

This smart beauty has continued with her intellectual pursuit well after college by taking graduate classes at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

Ms. Congeniality
Alumna: Brooke Shields

University: Princeton ’87

Focus: French literature

Shortly after Brooke graduated, a New York Times op-ed piece criticized Brooke for not taking any history, mathematics, economics, world literature, or science classes.

Best Eyes
Alumna: Rashida Jones

University: Harvard ’97

Focus: Religion and Philosophy

Rashida wanted to be a lawyer at first, but changed her mind after the O.J. Simpson case.

Most Charming/Athletic
Alumnus: John Krasinski

University: Brown '01

Focus: Playwriting

John taught English in Costa Rica before attending Brown. He even helped coach youth basketball in Rhode Island, which is why he wins two titles (that and I love him!).

Most Likely to Become Successful
Alumna: Meryl Streep
University: Yale ’75
Focus: Drama

Robert Brustein, former Yale School of Drama dean, said of Ms. Meryl: "It was immediately apparent that she was destined for greatness." Well, duh.

Check in on the next blog when we talk more about graduations!

Graduation Make-over Ideas

After Graduation it may be time for a new look to make you look a little more professional and stay on a budget. Consider some of these ideas...

Budget friendly highlights...

Adding highlights to soften your look is a great idea. It makes you more approachable for job interviews and it grows out nicely, so when you have to start paying on student loans you won't break the bank coloring your hair.
Take Kristen Stewart's transformation for example.
What is nice about these highlights is they will grow out without heavy roots.

Cutting it short...

Going short may make you look a bit more sophisticated. Look at Dianna Argon for example. Going short gave her a much more sophisticated look, plus it will be less time have to style it as you prepare for college and for the workplace.

Man up...
Going for a new sophisticated look for the boys to be men is a great thing for a graduation make-over. The professional workforce cares about the hair. Say bye bye to the messy Beiber look and welcome in nicely sculpted style.

Or take a tip from Chris Evans and go for a clean cut no need to style look.


Get a new look at Clark Russell Salon! Gift Certificates are avialable for great Graduation gifts!

Graduating Your Look

Graduation is a path to your future and now it's time to look the part of the new professional. From graduating high school and getting a fresh new look for college to graduating from college and getting a fresh professional loko for the workforce, graduation day is the first day to make your new impression!

We have some tips to help you look your best on that memorable day...

Hairstyle no. 1: Straight and sleek

When it comes to wearing your hair under a graduation cap, the simpler the better. The last thing you want to do is try to fix an updo once you remove your cap.

To get Kate Hudson's straight and sleek look, part your hair first. A middle part is best for this kind of look. Then blow dry your hair straight using a paddle brush, and use a flat iron on the bottom half of your hair to make sure it stays straight throughout the day.

Hairstyle no. 2: Down and wavy

Vanessa Hudgens' pretty curls look super cute under a graduation cap, don't you think? It's a great way to kick it up a notch To get it, part your hair down the middle and apply texturizing product to your hair to add some hold (try boost from be Clarked $21.80). Separate your hair into 2-inch sections and wrap each section around a 1 1/2-inch curling iron. A curl stick is great for this too. It's the easiest way to get Hudgens' look. Just wrap your hair around the clamp-less iron for a fun, beachy wave.

Hairstyle no. 3: Natural curls

Taylor Swift shows how gorgeous your natural curls can look under a graduation cap. As soon as you get out of the shower, apply a dollop of curl cream to your damp curls (try boost and straighten yp from be Clarked), and let them dry naturally. The best way to get this look is to use a 1 inch or 1/2 inch iron and re-curl your natural curls. This will help to polish the curls and make them more defined. Looking for something a little different? You could also do a messy side ponytail after touching up your curls.

Hairstyle no. 4: A side braid
Blake Lively's chic side braid is such a fun look to wear to your graduation. Part your hair slightly to the middle, and bring all of your hair to the side. Start braiding your hair pretty close to the head, and secure the braid a few inches above the ends of your hair. Keep it nice and loose, a bit messy and tousled-looking,it shouldn't be a too-perfect braid.

Three ways to fix "hat hair"

• Have a crease from the cap? (Ugh, we hate when that happens.) Just take two sections of hair in the front and braid them back to cover the crease. It looks really cute, and it also keeps hair off your face, which is a bonus.

• You can throw all of your hair into an updo after you take off your cap. Just pull it back into a tousled ponytail, twist the pony and let it fall into a bun, and then wrap a ponytail holder around it to secure it. Voila -- you've got a cute, messy bun that goes perfectly with the feel of summer, like Jessica Lowndes'.

• If you want to keep your hair down, you can bring a mini flat iron to straighten your hair and get rid of any creases.

Check back on the next blog about grad make-over trends.

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Another Donna Summer Tribute

Six things you may not know about Donna Summer

Why She Stopped Singing 'Love to Love You Baby'

In December 1975, Summer told Time magazine that she put aside her Christian beliefs to write the sexual song. "I let go long enough to show all the things I've been told since childhood to keep secret," she said. That year, Time counted 22 orgasms in the extended version of the song.

In 1979, Summer recommitted herself to her faith and stopped performing "Love to Love You Baby." "If I were to do that song like I did it in the old days, the fire department would have to be at the show," she told Telegraph magazine in 2008. "Seriously. Riots broke out in, like, Argentina and Italy. ... It's not the kind of song you just want to throw out there."

Why She Wrote 'She Works Hard for the Money'

"I was at a Grammys party … and I went to the ladies room and on my way in I saw this little old lady sitting at the end of the bar. And she was asleep," Summer told "Nightline." "She was the bathroom attendant. And at that same moment, a group of ladies walked into the room and started spraying their hair and doing all these things. And my first thought was 'God, she works hard for her money, that lady.'" "And then I thought, 'man, that's a song. So I went and grabbed my manager and we went back into the bathroom and started writing the song on a piece of toilet paper."

The Song That Inspired Her Career

In a 2008 interview with ABC News' "Nightline," Summer said that Mahalia Jackson's "I Found the Answer" made her realize she was meant to be a singer. "She was probably my first spiritual inspiration," she said. "'I Found the Answer' was the first song I sang when I started singing solo in church. I was only 8. I opened my mouth and this voice just shot out of me. It shocked me, it shocked everyone in the room."

The Song She Sang When No One Was Watching

Summer told "Nightline" that she couldn't help but belt out Marvin Gaye's "What's Going On" when she was alone. "When I go to my beach house I throw that on, and I'm dancing around the house by myself, singing out loud, screaming, nobody else knows I'm there," she said. "That remains, for one reason or another, one of my favorite songs."

Her Nickname

Up until the end, the Queen of Disco's associates called her the Queen. "People in my camp still call me the Queen," she told "Nightline." "It started off as a joke but now they do it and it just sounds like part of my name."

How She Influenced a New Generation of Singers

Beyonce sampled "Love to Love You Baby" on her 2004 hit single "Naughty Girl." Jennifer Lopez recorded a cover of "On the Radio" in 2010. "Last Dance" has been performed multiple times on "American Idol," and for the season seven finale, Summer herself joined in.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

10 Reasons Why We Salute Donna Summers

The queen of Disco has passed and we would like to pay trubute to the beauty disco queen.

Here are ten reasons why we love and will miss Donna Summers

10.)She left home for New York City at age 18 to find work on Broadway, which she did quickly by landing a role in a touring version of the hot Broadway show “Hair.”

9.)She started out singing background for the hit-making 1970s trio Three Dog Night.

8.) After declaring herself a born again christian, Summer then decided that from then on, she would no longer perform the song that had won her international fame and recognition, "Love to Love You Baby". A quarter of a century later, however, she began performing the song again live. As recently as 2011, she even re-recorded the track, complete with racy sighs and moans, for the "Loverdose" fragrance advertisement by Diesel. We always new you were a "bad girl"!

7.) "Love to Love You Baby" was her U.S. chart debut and the first of 19 No. 1 dance hits between 1975 and 2008 - second only to Madonna.

6.)She had one of her biggest hits in the 1980s with "She Works Hard For The Money," which became another anthem, this time for women's rights.

5.)Even as disco went out of fashion, she remained a fixture in dance clubs, endlessly sampled and remixed into contemporary dance hits.

4.) for "Love to Love You Baby" Donna Summers said that she had thought of how the song might sound if Marilyn Monroe had sung it and began cooing the lyrics.

3.) HitShe was the only artist to have three consecutive double-LPs hit No. 1, "Live and More," "Bad Girls" and "On the Radio." She was also the first female artist with four No. 1 singles in a 13-month period, according to the Rock Hall of Fame, where she was a nominee this year

2.) In 1994, Summer and her family moved from Los Angeles to Nashville, where she took time out from show business to focus on painting,making her a true woman of the arts.

1.) This Picture:
That image from the the "Donna Summer" 1982, made Clark love those blue boots and realized that he was gay.

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Color Me Tan, Sunless Tannning Tips for Memorial Day Weekend

The trend from Memorial Weekend to fall is still to stay out of the sun, and get a tan that doesn't make you look like a cartoon character. We have some great tips on how to apply sunless tanners to you don't look like a orange glowing Oompa Lumpa.

Achieve This

Not This!

We found some tips on TODAY!
The potential for skin damage from the sun should have you hiding under a hat or slathering on the SPF, but that doesn’t mean you can’t look luminous. If a tan is your must-have accessory for summer, the solutions for getting a faux glow are becoming easier and more innovative by the day. TODAY style editor and’s Bobbie Thomas shares her secrets for achieving the perfect beach-babe look:

Prep like a pro
It’s important to exfoliate in the shower using textured scrub gloves or nylon polishing towels to remove any dead skin. Whether you go to a booth or grab a tan-in-the-can, slip on a shower cap and use a cotton swab to apply petroleum jelly to your cuticles and nail beds before a spray session. Also be sure to have your hands, feet, knees, elbows and any dry skin patches completely moisturized, leaving excess lotion on the palms of your hands to help offer a barrier — just be sure to blend the edges and inside the wrists to achieve a natural-looking fade line. And finally, Sticky Sandals are topless, strap-free sandals that literally stick to your soles. Use them to avoid getting self-tanner on the bottoms of your feet ($2-$12; You could also DIY a pair in a pinch by using double-stick tape and paper plates.

Sunless solutions

When it comes to applying product, there are a number of different options. Gradual tanners are not only great for beginners, but anyone who wants to maintain a tan. Drugstore brands like Jergens ($8.99; Target stores) and Olay ($7-$19; are meant to be applied daily or intermittently, offering you more control. Full-strength compounds will offer a dramatic difference, but need downtime to fade before you reapply; otherwise you risk patchy, uneven results. And for streak-free strokes, consider some of the alternative applications on the market. Dr. Denese’s Glow Younger Gloves ($42 for 12; and Comodynes Self-Tanning Body Gloves ($36.75 for 4; will help you wipe on and blend with the bonus of being a travel-friendly tanning option too. Modelco’s new Sunsponge promises to buff and adjust to your individual skin tone for custom color ($39;, while Au Courant’s sponge on a stick helps you apply the brand’s Sunless Tanning Mousse in the hardest-to-reach spots ($1.49 per stick, $30 for the mousse;

And even guys can get in on the action without dipping into female territory thanks to products like Anthony Logistics For Men Self Tanner with Anti-Aging Complex ($30;, Jean Paul Gaultier’s Self-Tanning Gel ($29; and Kiehl’s new Facial Fuel Healthy Bronze ($22.50,

Radiant results

For those who prefer to avoid DHA, the active tanning agent found in sunless solutions, these products will enhance your natural color temporarily. Cake’s new Hi-light and Glow-rious body lotions will give you a glisten with micronized gold and pink particles, and Shiseido’s Sun Protection Stick Foundation ($26; and Chantecaille’s Protection Naturelle Powder both provide SPF and complexion control ($65; If you’re looking to bronze your body and face, cult-favorite makeup brands MAC and NARS have classic products that will help you shine all over! Makeup artists love to add a little of MAC’s Face and Body foundation to lotion to give legs a smooth look ($32,, while NARS’ Body Glow and new Orgasm Illuminator hydrate while giving you a subtle sheen ($29-$59; 10 cities with the best skin

Faux glow fixes
Keep in mind, nothing is permanent, and there are ways to soften the blow of a bad faux glow. St. Tropez’s Tan Optimizer Detox Bath helps you remove unwanted tan buildup ($35, You could also try soaking in a bath with some baking soda, and sometimes a lemon wedge can help lighten a dark line. Body-hair bleach can help with excess color on your cuticles or nails and callused skin on your toes. And while self-tanning has plenty of positives, the harsh reality is the chemical reaction that leaves behind an unpleasant smell is also the one responsible for color change. You can help eliminate the odor by using California Tan’s Neutralizer in soft vanilla ($16.59; or by applying your own essential oils like peppermint, eucalyptus or menthol, either to your product or in a spray bottle with some water to use as a refresher after showering. And finally, for the best way to buff away too much tan, try using a dry brush, like Tampico’s Dry Skin Brush ($14.22;, in a circular motion before stepping into the shower.

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From Freaky to Fabulous, Patriotic Hair Colors for Memorial Day Weekend and beyond.

Memorial day is to remember those who gave to our country, not to make your hair memorable for being completely freaky! Take a look at some patriotic ways color and not to color your hair this Memorial Day Weekend!











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Dryer sheet make an Un-BEE-lievable Memorial Day Weekend Tip

Spending time in the great outdoors is what Memorial Day Weekend is all about for many people. With nature, we have bee's! Spring and summer are the favorite seasons of bees. Flowers emerge as buds and open into blooms to reveal sweet nectar for the bees' diet. Bees can be pests when family and friends are outside enjoying the nice weather at a barbeque or party. Sugary drinks like soda, sweet tea, lemonade and beer attract bees with the sweet smells they emit. Sweet foods also attract bees to a gathering. Dryer sheets repel bees from the area of their placement for a bee-free environment. Many people are allergic to bee stings and should avoid bees at all costs.


1.)Fold a dryer sheet so that it fits in a pocket. Wear the dryer sheet in a shirt, pants or shorts pocket while outside near bees. The smell of the dryer sheet repels the bees.

2.)Rub a dryer sheet on all skin that clothes do not cover. Rub the sheets on arms and hands, legs, necks and faces to repel bees.

3.)Place a dryer sheet on the table or on a blanket on the ground for a picnic. This will rid the picnic of bees that like to enter sugary drinks. This idea also works well at the beach.

4.)Poke a hole in one corner of a dryer sheet with scissors. Insert a string and tie a knot to hold it to the dryer sheet. Hang the dryer sheet from rafters on a deck by tying the string around the rafter or on an arm of a sun umbrella. This process will eliminate bees from decks, porches and outside entertainment areas.

5. Tuck a dryer sheet into the back of outdoor chairs behind the cushions so that bees will not bother guests and family as they sit outside in the chairs. Hang dryer sheets with a string on chairs that do not have cushions.

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10 Amazzzzing Bee Facts Infographic
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8 Ponytails Serve You Comfort this Memorial Day Weekend

No matter if your on a vactaion at the beach, staying home to bbq, or hiking in the woods you can still cool in the warm weather this memorial day weekend with a chic ponytail! What is great about the ponytail is that it keeps your hair away from your face, off your neck and in a current fashion trend.

1. Sleek on top with a bouncy, curly-curly tail, as seen on Kerry Washington

2. Another curly tail, but with a poufy-poufy top, on Emmanuelle Chriqui

3. Low and swept forward over one shoulder, on Emma Roberts

4. Super-high, gently wavy and so very perky, on Eva Longoria

5. Barbie-ponytail perfection, on Julianne Hough

6. A sexy little side pony, on Ashley Tisdale

7. Long and incredibly glamorous, on Bar Refaeli

8. Sweet, simple and slightly messy, on Angelina Jolie

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