Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Brushing 101.. Are you Brushing your Hair Correctly?

Hair brushing properly is one of the important hair care technic you should practice very well. What is hair brushing? This in my understanding is the act of caring for your hair by smoothing, styling or grooming with a brush. As you already know that hair brushing is always done with a device called brush. What is a hair brush? This is an object made of short stiff hair (called bristles) or wires with a handle used for grooming hair. To keep up hair growth you need a blood circulation and a clean scalp ( i.e no dirt or oil products build-up on your follicles), that is where brushing your hair comes in. Brushing your hair increases blood circulation as it massages your scalp and hair. Brushing your hair is very important because it’s one of the ways to keep it healthy and shiny. Make sure you’re using the right brush for your hair type or a certain hair style because different types of brushes are made for different purposes of hair care, so always use the right brush according to your need. Using the right hair brush at the right time or at the right hair care can do so lot more good to your hair than any hair products. Brushing your hair cleans it and also polish it as the oil has been distributed to your hair from the scalp. You have to know that brushing works very well when you must have detangle your here first. Brush morning and night to help stimulate your scalp and using a clean brush is very important. Always buying a good brush can be a good investment because if you take good care of the brush it will definitely last for years.

How to properly brush your hair

■Massaging your hair with your finger can be the best way to get it ready for brushing.
■Apply any good product that work for you when detangling to moisturize your hair for smooth brushing e.g detangling lotion, leave-in conditioner, serum or oil. Any of these will make hair easier to brush and less likely to break.
■Section your hair with hair pick or what ever you have. You can section your hair in 4 or more sections, again depending on the thickness and length of your hair.
■Clip all the sections with your hair clips.
■Take one section of your hair with the clip removed and start combing gently from the ends to the root with a wide tooth comb. Comb it untill it’s free and clip it back. Repeat this to all the sections and do it gently.
■Brush your hair gently from the tip to the scalp first and then from the scalp to the tips. Take one section at a time and use the right brush.
■Unclip all the sections and style with the right brush.

Tips for brushing hair
■Always brush your hair gently.
■A good natural boar bristled brushes can be good to your hair than a synthetic one. But a synthetic bristle brush can help you dry your hair faster. This all depend on what you want.
■Too much of brushing your hair can cause damages such as split ends.
■Don’t use brushes that are too stiff, thick, harsh or hard to your scalp or hair, rather use the ones that are flexible.
■Use brushes depending on your hair texture and length for easy styling and to avoid breakages.
■Brushing your hair with natural bristled-brush or boar bristle brushes can be very nice to your hair and make it healthy and this type of brushes also help to spread your hair products e.g oil on the scalp to the ends.
■You can massage your hair, remove dirt and products build-up from your hair and also distribute natural oil from your root to all your hair by brushing it.
■Brushing can stimulate the scalp.
■Don’t brush wet hair to avoid damaging through breakages.
■Short hair can be brushed without much detangling.
■Brushes are very good for styling hair.
■Wide bristled brush can be good for all hair types. Read ‘Hair Types’ posts here .
■Brushing your hair gently at night can make it to be a bit shiny in the morning ( but you have to also put your hair together).
■Clean your brush every day to remove all the dirt and oil build-up and you can do this while in the shower ( this is applicable if you use your brush daily).
■ Never brush your hair with a dirty brush because the dirt will be deposited back to your hair and this can cause damage to your hair.

How to Clean your brushes

■After brushing your hair, always remove the hair in the brush.
■Fill the sink or bucket with warm water.
■Add a tablespoon of your shampoo and two drops of ammonia.(You can buy a cheap shampoo for washing your brushes).
■Put in your brushes in the mixture.
■Leave it for 10-15 minutes.
■Drain the water.
■Rinse them several times, untill you feel its clean.
■Dry them with a towel.

■Fill the sink or bucket with hot water.
■Add 1 table-spoon of baking soda, wait a few seconds for the soda to dissolve.
■Stir the mixture.
■Add your brushes to the mixture.
■Wait for 30 minutes or 1 hour.
■Rinse them with a clean warm water, untill it feels clean.
■Dry them with a towel.

■Fill the sink or bucket with warm water.
■Add white vinegar.
■Put all your brushes in the mixture.
■Rinse it with clean warm water.
■Dry it with a towel.
■Cleaning your brushes with vinegar doesn’t only clean it but it also remove the oily deposits from your hair.

■Fill the sink or bucket with hot water.
■Put your brushes in the water for 10 minutes.
■Put a mild detergent or shampoo.
■Take out the brush from the water and use the rat-tail comb or hair picks to clean it thoroughly.
■Soak it for five-minute in a new clean hot water.
■Rinse it with a lot of luke warm water.
■Dry the brushes with a towel.

How to clean natural brushes
■Always remove hair in your brushes.
■Fill the sink or bucket with warm water.
■Add mild detergent or shampoo.
■Dip the bristles in water for 2 minutes (hold firm the handle as you do this). Don’t put the wooden part of the brush in water as this can damage it.
■Use your pick to remove any dirt or hair on the brush.
■Repeat this about 5 times.
■Rinse with a luke warm water.
■Put it on a towel to air dry.
■You can add anything you want in the water to wash your brush but don’t wash the handle or wooden part, wash only the bristle part you use in brushing.

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