Thursday, February 13, 2014

Call Before You Cut

Everyone has a bad hair day and everyone has a bad day in general. Combined, these two elements can certainly lead to a bad haircut when you go reaching for the scissors for a DIY Haircut on the fly. If we look at the psychology of hair, it might explain why we get in a panic for change.

Bad Hair and Self Esteem:
A Yale study led by LaFrance and commissioned by Procter & Gamble found that when subjects recalled a bad hair day, their self-esteem dropped. Specifically, “bad hair” increased social insecurity and self-criticism and lowered performance self-esteem, hurting subjects’ can-do attitude toward personal accomplishments.

Aging and Hair:
It was once believed in more primitive times that age and fertility was defined by the hair in colder climates, because of the many layers of clothing to keep warm. Long and youthful hair was the sign of attraction. Fast forward to today, many of us see a superficial sign of aging and want to make changes. What is easier than to change the hair for a more youthful appearance? This might be so, but not any haircut will work to your advantage. There are face shapes, lifestyles, hair texture to consider.

When in Rome...
You know the old saying "When in Rome, do what the Romans do", there is a link between hair and social status. Women have used hair to relay messages about who they are, and where they fit into their culture for centuries. Roman women powdered their hair with gold dust to convey wealth and decorated it with luxe accessories like gold hairnets and ivory pins. In the early 19th century, flappers sported shorter, daring haircuts that defined them and made a powerful statement about their feelings on women’s liberation. It's not odd that we see a movie star and immediately want their hairstyle because we tend to associate it with looks, youth, and social stature.

Call Before You Cut

Before you decide on a drastic change, consult a hairstylist and look at why you might be wanting to make those changes. Please do not start cutting or bleaching your hair. It will cost more to repair, color correct or add extensions in.

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